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Success Stories Around You

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Where does the change begin?

One fine day, my mom insisted on me coming to her friend's place, I decided to go.

Earlier there were so many empty plots near my mom's friend's house. In these empty plots, people used to dispose their garbage. Multiple complaints were raised but nothing worked as a long term solution. Most people end up thinking, it's not my problem or don't have time or their priorities are different or its not their headache to change the environment. But, not her, she decided to do something about it. She believed when people will see the beauty, they will automatically improve.

She aimed to convert these empty plots where people used to throw filth into a Beautiful Garden.

It took her around 6 months of continuous effort but she did not give up, she single handedly cleaned the plots, did ploughing, fencing and planting. The plot was rough with just stones, hence land had to be dug slightly deeper and not to mention cleaning someone else's garbage is not something any one would like to do at their age of 60s.

Kudos to her patience and perseverance that converted these places to beautiful garden and now people around her neighbourhood make conscious efforts to give garbage to the garbage van that comes every day. They also get to take the benefit of the garden so every body around her ensures that place is neat and clean.

She did change mindset of people around her, took a step to make her environment clean rather than depending on someone else to do the work.

Change does begin from oneself.

She converted 2 such plots into garden that gives flowers , fruits and vegetables.

A pat at the back to all beautiful people out there who are contributing towards the clean environment in their own way.


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